Preschool Music & Movement Classes in Nottingham

Are you and your child ready to Wiggle & Giggle?

Our Music and Movement classes are educational, fun and energetic for children aged 1-5 years with their parents and carers. The classes last 45 minutes, where parents and carers are expected to join in the fun and get involved to not only encourage the children but help them get the best experience from the class.

We use bean bags, a parachute, balloons, feathers, ribbon rings, pom poms and different materials. We also plan dress-up weeks for children to come as their favourite super hero, animal or character. The children love this and the parents are welcome to join in too!

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Stay & Play Sessions for Kids aged 1-5 Years
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Educational, Fun & Energetic 45 Minute Sessions
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Parents & Carers to Join In the Fun & Socialise too!

Our 6 core preschool movement & music activities

A typical preschool class at Wiggle & Giggle contains these activities:

  • Warm up songs
  • Action songs linked to the specific theme
  • Props, conversation about the theme of the week, plus movement and role play
  • Musical instruments, free dance, movement then a cool down!

Some of our preschool class themes...

These themes give your children the opportunity to explore the toys provided based on the theme of the week, these range in textures such as wood, fabrics and plastic. We also use props in our classes to further explore movement and music! Examples of our themes are:

  • Animals
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Transport
  • The Seaside